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Windowkill is a twin-stick shooter, but the game window itself is constantly closing in on you. Shoot the window edges to push it around your screen as you fight and dodge enemies and bosses in their own windows. Windowkill v3.0 releases on Steam and itch.io on 2/23/24
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Welcome to windowkill.

It's just your normal shoot-em-up, but something's wrong with the window....


moveWASD / arrow keys
open shopspace / enter
open perks shoptab
use abilityright click
open settingsescape

Music made by my wonderful friend Keestak: 

Originally made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 54!

(If you would like to support continued development of the game, please consider tipping on the download page! ❤️)

Also, join the Discord! :)

Updated 16 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(415 total ratings)
Tagsdesktop, Experimental, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 54, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Vector, weird, windows
LinksLudum Dare


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old ludum dare version 20 MB
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win-v3.0.1.zip 43 MB
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Love the game, really nice ideas torcado.

My main gripe is the upgrade selection early on can be a pain since multishot is rather mandatory on several characters, and it seems to evolve very strangely over time with the pool being almost completely saturated with bubble and obliterate.

I can understand not wanting these to appear early, but perhaps an entropy-like system to avoid certain upgrades (and heals!) not appearing for many, many refreshes could make the experience a little smoother.

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Your suggestion is essentially what is already happening, Upgrades become less likely to show up in the shop, and are replaced by the action items you see. this is how the game transitions late-game from providing items like health and other upgrades. The intention is that you transition to manifesting those items at that point, since they become expensive enough that they can’t be afforded anyway

how to play multiplayer on steam version? i really need help with this

Hi, please click the “multiplayer” button on the title screen. There, you can add players with the “+” button at the bottom, and specify each players’ control inputs. If you are trying to play remotely, you will need to use something like Parsec (Steam Remote Play Together works, but many people have reported it working poorly).

its working but pls do a normal multiplayer via steam servers. this method is so uncomfortable

bought the v3.0 version.
But I just dont get how you guys get to like 22 stars or so.
I am way too busy killing all those enemies, while avoiding the bullet hell, so I dont even have time to widen the screen and attck the boss


i dont like being the person to ask this but will v3 be eventualy free? its only a few days old but im new to the game so i dont know. since i saw the older versions are free. will you put it up when you make 4.0?


free version for windows but not linux? really?

they probably had to reimplement the whole game for another operating system, it's not surprising

i originally posted this in the wrong place :/ the transparency mode for the "secret path" still is broken for me, with or without the broken transparency setting. It works when the little scene plays but as soon as i click somewhere to try and shoot, the whole screen goes black except for my character and the boss, i cant see any other of the windows. I absolutely love your game though, I bought it within seconds of it releasing on steam :)

Thank you, I appreciate it! I’m sorry to hear about this issue. it’s on my to-do list to look into.

Great Game.


like it, but at some point i physsically cant shoot fast enough to keep the walls away anymore.
which is fun when enemies are approaching and the boss shoots at you.

barely beat the boss after playing for like 20 minutes...
well, got first star before I finally died.
stuff sure gets expensive after a while

I love this game, it's fun

I would say playing this game on a 32:9 monitor is the hard mode. It works perfectly and some windows open in the corners.

best game ever

If you buy this version, do you also get a steam key?


nope you just get the build, if you want to buy it just buy it on steam or something idk


I don’t think so but, if you do buy it on here try link your steam account first in your settings

the madman unleashed this game on steam

it's 10% off


Suggestions for 3.0.2 while I'm here:
- Nerf Manifesting so it ramps up in stars like the perks, maybe starting a little slower (it's OP)

- Slightly decrease the amount of nuclear derp Slimer spews (it's almost undodgeable and forces Bellow plus laggy)

- Make Wyrm spawn near the edges of the screen so he doesn't instantly deal unavoidable collision damage or force Bellow to be used at the exact right time

- Put a cap on:

 - the amount of max HP you can get (to prevent immortality)

 - on how much multishot you can get (to prevent lagging out, really high so skilled players can still get 360 degree multishot)

 - on how much wall punch you can get, or add diminishing returns (to prevent trivializing the game's shrinking window gimmick) 

 - on how much fire rate and speed you can get (to prevent lagging out and becoming uncontrollable)

- on how many of the same boss can be alive at once

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Where 3.0, also how do I update in a manner such that my PBs don't get wiped?

EDIT: It's on steam who cares about highscores when you can have multiplayer and achievements

This is what sucks about being on Linux. You don't get to play masterpieces like this!

(1 edit)

I tested the OpenGL version of the 2.0 release on Arch with WineHQ installed, and it worked like a charm! You should give it a try maybe (didn't try 3.0 for now sorry about that)

Edit: Apparently there is a Linux version for 3.0 lol, my bad (2.0 doesn't have any though)

Cool game

so manifesting seems strong
(1 edit) (+1)

yea, i haven't beaten the game yet but i basically went full manifesting only into multishot

the dev should either remove manifesting or balance it by either making it more expensive or making the abilities more powerful (i don't find peer or drain really useful)

Yeah manifest OP. I think the best way to fix this is to make the price slowly increase.


I NEED 3.0



Windows XP


one of the best games i have ever played


Hi. Please address memory issue with your game.

After ~20 mins of playing game started to take 10 gb of ram.
Which is quite ODD for a 20 mb game.


epic, can’t wait to get on steam

(1 edit) (+1)

This is my favorite itch.io game so far! Such a cool mechanic for the game and it is so addicting. Good work!

Works on linux with bottles (proton) !


Smiley keeps going behind my main window and it eventually stacked up into two and eventually killed me with the red orb. Cool game.


in the setings you can set it so smiley window is always on top


if you have 50+ hp then you become immortal, especially if you upgrade peer. i only lost because i was tired of playing

No idea how you guys manage to chieve these scores and beat so many bosses. the shit tons of enemies and bulletsalwayskill me soone ror later, I donteven have time to take care of the boss

can you close it?



was on the slime boss and it closed itself


absolute fire game


I'm not as amazing as some of these comments, but I really loved this game. I've never seen anything so creative. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

Here's my playthrough if anyone wants to see: 

Hohoho, yea

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