A hungry snake went looking for food, and stumbled upon a peculiar, spicy pepper. Help the snake eat all the food and get back to its home!


Esc or SpaceSettings Menu
(you can skip any level from this menu)
Hold Shift+TClear save

Works on mobile too! Touch and drag to move, Undo and Restart buttons will appear on screen.

SSSPICY was made for and the Grand Prize winner of Kajam2022!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(129 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL
TagsCute, Food, Minimalist, Modern, snake, Sokoban, spicy, Vector, vector-art


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10/10 would play anytime

extremely awesome love the fire and overall super fun but a bit hard keep up the good work. :D

Very polished and clever game! Good job



Really neat puzzles - I like that the solutions are intuitive without being obvious.

ive litterly shattered my computer screen while playing this out of rage is this meant to be a rage game or do i suck



Hi, I love this game so much. I want to pay for it, but it is a little troublesome for the Chinese to do this. Nowadays, the Chinese always use Alipay or WeChat, rather than cards, because they are much more convenient. I suggest you post this game on steam which supports those two payment methods.

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Such great work, love the aesthetic and cute mechanics. Don't know how much additional work this would entail, but I bet people would make some fun stuff with a level editor... feels like a game that's ripe for that!

Thanks so much Corey :) Yeah, a level editor would be cool! I have a bunch of ideas for more level elements as well. If I ever get an urge to update it, I think that’d be fun to look into!

This is so cute😄



so cool so cool


Wow, this is a really clever game! 😃 Congrats on making this. One thing though, it doesn't display any level nr and it could use a level select screen.

Seems really nice!

Could you please make a standalone program (exe) of this game?

I would love to be able to play this offline.

Sure thing! I’ve added a windows build to the downloads :)

(window resizing isn’t supported for now)


Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much! :)

(Window resizing would be a nice extra, but even without it it's really well playable)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for that gamedesign masterclass ! Amazed by the new mechanics every single levels i played so far. Congrats.


Very clever game, playing it was awesome (^ u ^)


very good puzzle!

thank you, what a great video! (also unrelated but this is a crazy coincidence, I was playing your most recent game Cube I think at the exact same time that you posted this comment, haha)




good puzzles!


This game is so good! Keep ut the good work!


Game really good. Keep work!


This is awesome Torcado! Really clever puzzle design, and I love the visuals.

I found a bug that can be used to cheese many of the puzzles...usually if you push a pepper, banana etc. off the edge you get the tear animation/reset undo prompt and can't continue...but if you reset and then undo the reset you can continue playing, and it counts as eliminating the pepper.

Thanks for reporting this! That should be fixed now :)

Saw this on replit... i love it.


I think I completely completed this "Last Level"




Great little game! The graphics are cute and very readable. I would have appreciated having the mechanics explained a little better, especially around the ghost pepper. Still, I did manage to figure them out on my own. That last level was a tough one and had me thinking hard for several minutes, but did eventually get it. I was glad to see that solving it brought me victory, though! Again, great job on the puzzles; they felt exactly the right level of challenging for me!

Deleted 1 year ago

the creator do not make a video.

BUG? - I noticed that after I close the tab I'm playing the game in, my entire browser becomes unresponsive for about 20 seconds.

Windows 10, Firefox 102.0.1

strange! I can’t seem to reproduce this, same OS and Firefox version.


This game is super cute and has some great puzzles, well made!


Hardlocked it here. Can't even bring up the menu. The music still plays, but no controls work. My last move was up. The upper snake section was four tiles long before this move.

oh no! I’ll look into this, thanks! if you press Shift+R or refresh the page it should fix it (but you’ll have to retrace your steps)

ok this should be fixed now, thank you! (this update also fixes save files resetting, for anyone who had that issue. it will reset once more on first load but should be fine after that)


super cute concept, gets very challenging, still doable though!! amazing job!!


The puzzles were definitely not easy to solve but also not too hard that they posed a challenge that would have you sit there for 20 minutes achieving nothing. The art style was also really good and the concept was fun and different but still keeping that original snake feeling.

The lack of music or any in game sounds really is what dropped it down a notch for me, I believe it would add to the fun of the game with sound effects for your snake eating a chilli, switching to the next puzzle, bgm, etc. 

Overall the game is a solid 8/10 with everything considered.

I think something may be wrong on your end then, there is definitely music and sound effects! Maybe try another browser or device.


Nice puzzle!!

I like this mechanics and love the art syle.


I win! That was so great. The later levels were just the right level of challenge.


One of the best game concept I've played in a HOT minute! Congrats!


Great game


the little animations & expressions won me over fr, such a cute spin on snek