opti 1.4.0 released - folder traversal and more!


  • large images moving offscreen on open/scale
  • pixel scaling sometimes missing a scroll event
  • slight offcentering when zooming really far out


  • help menu, toggled with `?`. shows controls
  • default folder icon when selecting a directory, as well as directory name
  • enter into a directory when one is selected with enter
  • back out to parent directory with backspace/alt+up
  • broken image icon when the current image cannot be displayed, as well as filename
  • flip image horizontally and vertically with f/shift+f
  • retain image adjustments when scrolling between images with ctrl+left/right

Windows: `opti1.4.0.zip`

  • zipped folder: `opti1.4.0.tar.gz`
  • standalone: `opti1.4.0.AppImage`


opti1.4.0.zip 66 MB
Sep 05, 2019
opti1.4.0.tar.gz 72 MB
Sep 05, 2019
opti1.4.0.AppImage 73 MB
Sep 05, 2019

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