opti 1.5.1 released - bunch of QOL features and fixes

hi, it’s been a while. got a push to make a change recently, and it snowballed into a whole bunch of features and bug fixes. more to come, likely (feel free to suggest anything!)

(9/14/22: added version 1.5.1a which fixes a small bug with zooming)
(9/14/22: added version 1.5.1b which adds the p passthrough control info)


  • p: passthrough toggle - cursor passes through window
  • l: window lock toggle - window size and position locked
  • border colors indicating current window state
  • shift-scroll: opacity adjustment
  • better zooming
    • now defaults to zoom to the cursor position. hold alt to force the old behavior of zooming from the center
  • better file handling
    • svgs especially. now attempts to display media even when it can’t determine the type.
  • audio file support
  • copy/paste image uri


  • issues when OS window scaling isn’t set to 100%
  • video controls not clickable
  • help menu not scaling to the window
  • help menu shrinking when no image loaded

thanks for all the support through the years, i’m glad people still find this little app useful! :)


opti-win-v1.5.1b.zip 66 MB
Sep 14, 2022
opti-linux-v1.5.1b.AppImage 73 MB
Sep 14, 2022
opti-linux-v1.5.1b_amd64.deb 53 MB
Sep 14, 2022

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