Scritch 1.3 update

Hi, new updates and fixes!
The most notable update is the fix for links breaking in iframes (you may notice this sometimes when clicking a link in the player on an upload. There was a note about this on the editor page but it wasn’t very obvious). I highly encourage anyone with an album on to update, simply replace the index.html file in your project with the latest version, which you can get by clicking “download zip” on the editor, or downloading the files from the github repository.


New Features:

  • Add per-track album art selection.
    • Click the new “set track cover art” button and click any image file to set its unique cover image.


  • Fix track info text editor from closing when closing the “Add Link” dialog box.
  • Fix “feature” and “cover” buttons to now auto-disable previously selected ones.


New Features:

  • Add per-track album art support.
  • Add keyboard navigation visual feedback
    • Tabbing through the player now shows an outline on the currently selected button, pressing Space or Enter will toggle the button.
  • Add pause/play hotkey using spacebar.


  • Fix links breaking in iframes. Links now open in the parent window.
  • Fix small visual bug with loading video.

Thanks everyone for the support, as always don’t hesitate to bring up any issues or suggest features! <3

Files Play in browser
Oct 21, 2023
scritch_editor-win_installer-v1.3.0.exe 82 MB
Oct 21, 2023 110 MB
Oct 21, 2023
scritch_editor-linux-1.3.0.AppImage 109 MB
Oct 21, 2023
scritch_editor-linux-1.3.0_amd64.deb 77 MB
Oct 21, 2023

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